Marcella works as a freelance illustrator, fine artist, and published author living in Austin, TX. Raised the suburbs of New York City, Marcella gained an appreciation for the diverse group of people who thrived in the gritty, tough and boisterous environment. Her large-scale acrylic work deals with the relationship between humans and their ability to adapt psychologically to our environments.

Artist Statement, 2019

What makes us human? My large-scale, acrylic works on wood panel and canvas explore the influences of psychological adaptation. As humans, we have the ability to adapt to our environment anywhere from a few seconds for a reflex to a lifetime for developmental acclimatization or genetics.

In addition to exploring the psychological influences of our environment, my work also seeks to represent emotional instabilities; being on the other end of broken promises, physical or emotional threats, or other losses over which we had no control.

Through the use of dark, fluid colors, my work draws on the themes of insecurity, abandonment, dependency, conflict aversion and fear of disappointing those we love most. No matter how deeply we love, no matter how committed we are, no matter how hard the fear rattles us -- we are human.